¿Qué piensan los exalumnos sobre la Escuela de Comunicación? / What alumni think about the School of Communication?

“There were many things, but I think the most important thing that COPU contributed in my professional training was the writing. That is the basis of any journalist, no matter what branch of the profession he practices. And, of course, the love for this priesthood without necessarily falling in love with your stories.”

Alberto Rullán, Presenter – Noticiero 47 Telemundo Weekend

“The School of Communication of the UPR of Río Piedras, COPU, provided the base where the professional of the media in which I became was built. Education, experience, and access to tools that are used today were the most important elements of that contribution.”

Sebastián Márquez, Freelance Photojournalist

“The most important contribution that I identify from COPU in my professional training was the development of critical thinking. Beyond the academic tools necessary to practice journalism in different platforms and to be able to elaborate diverse journalistic genres, the faculty of COPU sowed in me a suspicious look of the world that surrounds me to always look for precise answers to the citizen’s worries.”

Aiola Virella, Editor in Chief – Metro PR

“My beloved School of Communication strengthened in me the basic foundation of journalism, writing. It nourished my didactic curiosity with first-class professors and highly competitive students, a group of professionals whom today, with pride, I call my colleagues and friends.”

Rebeca Pérez Arocho, Journalist and Producer of CNN en Español

“From what I learned at COPU, I always keep the teaching of attachment to truth, ethics and the constant struggle for the welfare of the country. That and the importance of critical thinking have been fundamental tools in my professional development.”

Julio Rivera Saniel, Journalist of Radio Isla and Anchor Reporter of Noticentro

“I am a proud graduate of COPU and I thank its professors for having sown in me the love for my profession, learning to understand the role of the journalist, exposing myself to the history of cinema and having met people who, to this day , they are still important in my professional and personal work.”

Lorraine Vissepó, Distinguished Relations Award 2018

“COPU gave me all the necessary tools to start a successful career as a professional photojournalist. Without a doubt, my training at COPU was the basis for my development and the key to staying in the industry for more than 20 consecutive years.”

Juan Luis Martínez, Photojournalist – GFR Media

“The School of Communication of the UPR is the pillar of my professional training. There, more than knowledge, I acquired critical thinking skills that I continue to use for the strategic development of communication plans.”

Idia Martínez, Top Management Award 2018

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